Computer Problems

If you experience computer problems during the exam forcing you to restart the computer, it is possible to resume the exam from where you left off. You will not get additional time for the exam to compensate for the problems.

To resume the exam, make sure your Internet connection is working and the restart Tangix TesterPRO Client. After selecting language you will be presented with an Exam Resume screen requesting you to enter your password. Information on your progress in the exam is shown in the window and also an indication on how much time is left to answer the remaining questions.




For example, you started a 3 hour exam at 1:00 PM and had computer issues at 1:30 PM and you were not able to resume the exam until 2:00 PM. The exam will end at 4:00 PM and the time indicated in the test will display the time you have left properly.

If you resumed the exam later than 4:00 PM, you will only be able to upload the results and not change any answers or answer any additional questions.



If your system setup contains security software that restores the User's profile at login (for example Deep Freeze) the resume operation may fail. The restore file is stored in the User's AppData\Roaming directory and needs to be in that location when Tangix TesterPRO Client resumes again.