Downloading Tangix TesterPRO Client

The Tangix TesterPRO Client download is about 3,5 MB in size and is an Installer application that will install Tangix TesterPRO Client application.

To speed up the download Tangix is using the BestHop Technology developed and maintained by CacheNetworks LLC. The request to download the Tangix TesterPRO Client application will be redirected to your closes location to utilize the most of your available bandwidth.

There are two versions of the download available, one as a standard EXE-format and one in Zip-format.


Launching the installer from Internet Explorer

It is possible to launch the installer directly from Internet Explorer. Depending on your version of Internet Explorer, a warning bar may be shown at the bottom of the page, click either Run or Save.




When clicking the link to download, a message similar to this will be shown when the download is started:


Clicking "Run" will download the Tangix TesterPRO Client Installer to the Temporary Internet files of your computer and launch the installer from there.


Launching the installer from Mozilla Firefox

With Mozilla Firefox, the downloaded application cannot be started directly. First click the download link. A message prompting you to save the downloaded file will be shown.


ff 1 new.png

Click the "Save File" button to start downloading. When download is completed, locate the Downloads Window (press CTRL-J or choose Downloads from the Tools menu). Locate the file and double-click.



If enabled, a confirmation message will be displayed. Click "OK" to run the Tangix TesterPRO Client Installer.

ff 3.png