After your exam purchase you will receive two emails. One receipt from the web-shop and one mail containing instructions how to take an exam in VirtualTester.
If you haven't received the second email, you can still access your account, download the exam software and run exams.

For all questions about your purchase, please contact SOLIDWORKS Certification Team at

There are various types of codes working in different ways. The person giving you the code should have included instructions on how to use it. If the code starts with T- or P-, you must redeem the code in TesterPRO Client software.

Please check the web-store and make sure to select your country to display payment options.

Please check the terms in the web-store.

You can purchase multiple exam credits, and they will be deposited into your account. From your account you may convert credits into vouchers that you can transfer to another person.

Getting certified is a way to prove your skills in the software to your peers, customers or a potential employer. As new versions of the exams are developed it is also a perfect opportunity to keep up to date with new functionality.

Many of the exams are hands-on requiring that you have access to the software for which you want to get certified. The exam question will give you information required to correctly answer the question provided you have created the part in the software.

You need access to the software for which your attempting to get certified. You also need a computer to run the exam software. The exam software is not required to run on the same computer, but some exams contains files required for the exam and you will need a way to transfer the files between the computers.
Before purchasing the exam, please check the requirements.

Generally, the exams are between 45 and 180 minutes, but this may vary. Check the specific exam and make sure you have enough time available.
To make it easier to fit an exam into your schedule some exams are broken up into multiple segments. Each segment is a separate exam and the segments may be taken in any order. To earn the certification your need to pass all segments.

Some exams require a time period between attempts. Please see the specific exam for details. Information is displayed in the exam software so you know when a new attempt may be made.

To protect the integrity of the certification exams, it is not possible to get the correct answers to questions you have failed. Deeper insight into what topics to study before the next attempt is given in your account page under the Exams section. Click on an exam session to see your results for the different topics and brief explanation.

The user interface of the exam software is available in several languages. However, the exam language is selected separately and exams may not be available in all languages.

You need Internet access to download the exam software and the exam information. Internet access is required when uploading the answers.
During the actual exam no Internet access is required. If you disconnect connectivity please make sure it is restored before ending the exam and uploading the answers.

Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 are supported by the latest version of TesterPRO Client. Both 32 and 64 bit versions of the operating system are supported.

Some versions of Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 are known to be incompatible with TesterPRO Client software. If the build-number is 14393 or lower, TesterPRO Client software cannot be used. You can check the build-number by typing winver in the Command Prompt.

Normally you don't need admin permissions to install the exam software. The software is self-contained with no external libraries required. Installation is not required and default location for the software is directly on the Desktop. After the exam has been completed, you may remove the exam software by dragging it to the trash.

The exam software is designed to require a minimum amount of RAM, CPU and storage. A typical exam requires about 40-60 MB of RAM while running and nothing is stored on disk except for the exam software and the temporary file (typically 2-6 kB in size).

With so many different security solutions available, it is impossible to test them all. In general the exam software works will try to check the system settings for proxies and use those settings.
If whitelisting in the firewall is needed, the exam software communicates using TCP on ports 80 and 443 with these two hosts:


Starting with version 8.3.1, TLS 1.1 and 1.2 support has been enabled on Windows 8.1 and above. This will further improve compatibility with some firewall solutions.

Under most circumstances TesterPRO Client can be installed in an environment with roaming User Profiles and run from network shares. One known issue has been identified where the software is not possible to connect to the server: if the application is installed in a network location where the top location in not accessible to the user, connectivity will not work.

Normally, the top location is a server name and there will be no problems. However, if the top segment is a domain name and not a server, running the application from such location will likely fail.

The software is completely self-contained with all dependencies stored in the Tangix TesterPRO Libs directory. No additional installation are required. The software is delivered as a normal installation package, but the installation process is simply unpacking the directory to the default location on the Desktop.

To uninstall, simply delete the directory contain the TesterPRO Client software.

As you progress through the exam questions, a small file records your answers in a temporary location.

If you experience computer problems during an exam, you may restart the exam software and if this temporary file is still intact, you answers are restored.

You will not get any additional time while solving the computer issue.

If the answers are not recovered, it is not possible to continue the exam and you need to locate the log-file and send that to support.

The exam software logs various information to log-files located in the same directory as the EXE-file. These files are named Tangix_TesterPRO_(DATE)-(TIME).txt where (DATE) and (TIME) is the launch time of the exam software. These files are in plain text-format and contains troubleshooting information that help us solve any problems.

When sending a message to the support address, please always include relevant log-files. If unsure which file to include, it is better to just send all of them created in the last 24 hours before the problem happened.

Please note that it is possible to disable creation of log-file. In this case you will get a prompt to save a log-file if an error is detected. You should save the log-file to a writeable location and send the file to support.

If you see the message "Could not connect to VirtualTester server" there may be a problem with you Internet connector or your firewall solution. Check to see if Internet is working by opening a web-browser and access a web-site. If this work, your firewall may block connectivity for the exam software.

Try whitelisting the exam application Tangix TesterPRO.exe in your firewall solution or whitelisting the servers. If whitelisting in the firewall is needed, the exam software communicates using TCP on ports 80 and 443 with these two servers:


It could also be that the proxy configuration is not correctly identified from the system configuration. If you need to force TesterPRO Client to use a certain proxy configuration, you may try this:
Create a file testerpro_config.ini in the same directory as the EXE-file.
Add the following text to the ini-file (replace host and port with your network's requirements):

If the opposite is try - i.e. you think the exam software uses a proxy configuration even if it doesn't need to, you could add the following line under the [Proxy] section:

If your environment require installation to a read-only location, it is possible to disable creation of the XML and txt result files. Create a file testerpro_config.ini in the same directory as the EXE-file.
Add the following text to the ini-file:

If the EXE is in a read-only location, log-files will not be created.

As with all software, updates are required on a regular basis or when needed. We understand the inconvenience to update the software and try to keep the number of updates to a minimum. Some of the updates are optional and some are mandatory. The update notification won't let you continue if the update is mandatory.

Please send an email to the support address and include the log-files.

When registering an account, you need to validate your email address. The validation process requires you to receive an email to the registered email address and click the link in that email.

Depending on your email provider, the validation email may get caught in the Spam-folder, please check this if the validation email hasn't been received after a couple of minutes.

Emails are sent from the address If you are the administrator you may need to add this address to the allow list. Mails are sent from servers hosted by Amazon Web Services in Ireland from IP-addresses and All mails are sent with TLS encryption, signed using DKIM and the domain is protected with SPF records.