Starting Tangix TesterPRO Client Application

Locate the application icon from the location where the application was installed. Double-click the icon to launch the application.


Language Selection

The language selection window will appear and you can select the language of the user interface of the application by clicking the radio-button to the left of the language. If the language of your operating system is one of the supported languages of Tangix TesterPRO Client, that language will be selected automatically, otherwise English will be selected.

client 1.PNG


Click "Continue" to select the language.


Enter your User Information

The application will now try to connect to the VirtualTester server, indicated by a bar moving over the window. When connection is established a screen with Candidate Information is displayed:

client 2.PNG


You now have two options:

  • You can create a new account by entering your information. If the email address is already registered in the system you will be informed and then have the option to login using your email address and password. If a new account is created you will be presented with a numeric password for later access to your exam results and certificates
  • You can login using an already existing user by selecting the top radio-button and then enter your email and password for your account. If you have lost your password, please visit this link to recover your password.


Certification Selection

When you continue, the system will check your account and present a list of certifications available to you. The name and a brief description of the certification is displayed in the list together with the status of the certification.


client 3.PNG


To take a certification exam, you need a credit of the appropriate type in your VirtualTester user account. There are several ways to get such credit, please click a link to the right for additional information.

If you have been provided by an Event ID or a Voucher Code, enter that in the field and click "Submit". Form more information about Event ID or Vouchers, click the links to the right.


Certification Status

The status of the Certification is indicated in the right of the list and can be any of:

  • Exam Ready - You are ready to take this certification exam
  • No Credit - You do not have a credit available for this certification exam. If the certification in configured in such way, it is possible to go to the web-store to purchase a credit for the exam
  • Prereq not met - Prerequisites are not met for taking this certification exam. Prerequisitescould be either a previous certification or a delay between attempts taking the certification exam. Click on the certification for more information.

Click on the certification that you would like to try to achieve to select the language for the certification exam:

client 4.PNG


Select the language from the list and click "Start Exam". You will prompted to verify that you want to start certification exam.

After clicking "OK" in the verification prompt there is no way to go back or pause the certification exam. A credit for the certification will be removed from your account after the exam information has been downloaded from the server.