VirtualTester Voucher (VT-Vouchers)

VirtualTester Voucher is a way to transfer credits between users. The user creating the Voucher will convert one or more credits of a certain type into a Voucher. A Voucher is identified by a 10 character code that is then give to another user for he or she to Redeem. When redeeming the Voucher, the credits are added to the redeeming user's account.

Redeeming a Voucher could be done through the Tangix TesterPRO Client application by entering the Voucher Code in the field when selecting a certification exam or through the VirtualTester User Pages.

Vouchers can only be redeemed once and the person issuing the Voucher can see the status on his/her User Pages. Vouchers are normally expiring after 6 months at which time the credit(s) are returned to the issuing account.


Trackable Vouchers

Trackable Vouchers are created as normal Vouchers, but the code will start with "T-". Trackable Vouchers will not add credits to the redeeming user's account but instead allow the user to immediately start a certification exam. If the redeeming user accepts this, the certification exam will be started and the result of the certification exam will be made available to the user creating the Voucher.

Trackable Vouchers can be used in situations where for example the manager will keep track of the employees' skills or to make sure that the employees meet certain goals. The results from the certification exams are made available through the issuing user's User Pages.