Credits / Vouchers Tab

Account information, including available Credits and Vouchers is available on this Tab.



The top part of the page contains the Credits, listed with current balance and date and time of last transaction. Double-click a Credit to see complete transaction history.

The lower part of the page contains the Vouchers created from the account. The Vouchers are listed with the Voucher Code that can be used by another user to redeem the credits of the Voucher. Once a Voucher has been redeemed, information will be listed on the sub-tab Redeemed Vouchers.


Creating Vouchers

Vouchers can be created from the Credits / Vouchers Tab if credits are available on the account. To created a Voucher, select the desired credit type from the list of credits and click Create VT-Vouchers to open the Voucher window.



The selected credit is displayed at the top with the current balance.

First select the number of Vouchers to create (the number of credits on each Voucher will be selected later). Secondly, select if the Vouchers should be Trackable or not, meaning that the result of the exam resulting from redeeming the Voucher will be made available to you as the issuer of the Voucher.

To generate standard Vouchers, select No for Trackable Vouchers and then select the number of credits for each Voucher.



To create Trackable Vouchers, select Yes. Trackable Vouchers are only available with one credit each and this setting is thus not needed. For Trackable Vouchers, a Tracking Tag can be entered to allow easier grouping of the exam results reported back to you.



Voucher Expiration

Vouchers must have an expiration date on which the Voucher will be automatically cancelled and the credits returned to account issuing the Voucher.


Voucher Codes

In the list at the bottom of the page, currently issued Vouchers are listed on the Active Vouchers Tab. Distribute the Voucher Codes to other users to allow them to redeem the credits to take exams. When a Voucher has been redeemed, the Voucher Code will be displayed on the Tab Redeemed Vouchers. To indicate Trackable Vouchers, the Voucher Code starts with "T-".


Redeeming Vouchers

Vouchers may be redeemed by other users from the User Pages or from the Tangix TesterPRO Client application. To redeem a Voucher from the User Pages, enter the Voucher Code in the field at the top of the page and click Redeem.

To redeem a Voucher from Tangix TesterPRO Client, see this page.

Trackable Vouchers are not possible to redeem without starting an exam of the type indicated by the credit. Trackable Vouchers may be redeemed to the same account that issued them without starting the exam.